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We provide highly qualitative services in Start-Ups Support, CFO services, Tax Advisory, Internal Audit, Statutory Audit Support, Roc Filings etc.. We strive to provide reliable solutions to the issues and other related matters.

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    Start-Ups Support

    Thanks to its productive nature, India has been able to attract many investors from across the globe. As alluring as it is to set up business in India, the process of incorporating and running it is quite demanding. It requires thorough legal information and awareness about the procedures involved to pursue the setting up of the business. Whether it is incorporation or registration of the firm, the procedure involves a lot of paperwork and fulfillment of sundry formalities.

    It is not plausible to pursue these significant steps before having proper legal insight into all the related matters. Sound legal advice is necessary to proceed with the procedures. This requires specialization and comprehensive knowledge about the industry. It is almost impossible for the client to manage these regulations single-handedly.

    Repath Solutions understands the prominence and implication of these procedures. Thus, we constitute a dedicated team of legal experts who assure you to handle every matter with expertise and proficiency. Besides being foremost in know-how and excellence in these matters, our professionals have up-to-date information about the market and the industry.

    Our experts make sure that all the entailed rules and regulations are conformed to. They also ensure that there are no confusions in the future as the entire process is kept transparent. The clients’ interests remain at the forefront of our minds, and thus, we guide you to the most reasonable solutions. Therefore, our legal expertise allows us to deliver solutions that match the demands of our clients.

    A CFO has a major role to play in the organization. The effectiveness of the decisions made by the CFO decides the financial plans and future of the firm. In business, almost all decisions are based on the solutions chosen by a CFO. Whether it is a short-term project or a long-term association, a CFO leads with the most efficient financial plans.

    It is not pragmatic or feasible to have an employee of the business to look after the financial matters of the firm. This can not only lead to several discrepancies but can also hinder several significant decisions. Thus, hampering the growth of the business. At the same time, it becomes unmanageable for the client to handle financial matters alongside overseeing the business.

    Our firm ensures that you are always provided with sound financial advice and assistance. CFOs are available for both short-term and long-term requirements. We consist of experienced CAs who strive to make beneficial decisions for the clients’ firms. Besides being committed to serving our clients with tenacity, our experts guide you on several crucial matters pertaining to the financial health of your business. This also entails more flexibility and sheer responsibility.

    Our professional personnel emphasize on cost-saving and keep the client informed at every stage. Whilst offering the service of serving as a CFO, our specialists extend a variety of calibrated services, which mainly include reporting, consultancy, planning, analysis, and advisory activities. We proffer these services at competitive rates. Thus, rendering advantageous service to our clients remains our prime motive.

    Tax advisory services are imperative for every business. These activities ensure that the operations and the filing system of the business are in compliance with the legal standards and regulations. The right tax advice leads to cost-effective decisions and, thus, greater profits for the firm. It is, hence, essential that tax advisory services are hired to ensure that the business is handling its taxation procedure profitably.

    While it is important to ensure that the Tax is not evaded, it is plausible to know ways to make the procedure beneficial for the business. These activities, thus, require utter specialization and in-depth experience in this arena. We, at Repath Solutions, do not let you down as we provide impeccable tax advisory services at competitive costs.

    Our firm includes experienced CAs, CSs, and other financial experts who strive to provide you with the best taxation advice. Besides ensuring that you handle taxation in a fruitful manner for the business, they confirm that all the quintessential regulations and standards are followed by the client. They are not only qualified enough to pass on sound financial suggestions but also have first-hand knowledge about the industry and its prevailing situations.

    It remains at the forefront of our minds to keep the client informed and furnished with the relevant information. We follow transparent policies that are necessary to ensure that we deliver the best solutions in the domain of taxation to our clients. Thus, our experts and their skills make this firm a reliable option for you to scrutinize your taxation approach and refine it.

    Auditing of books guarantees the conformation of the books with the prevailing standards and regulations. This keeps a business from facing any accusations in the future. While maintaining books, a variety of prospects need to be taken care of. The internal audit ensures that there is no discrepancy in the same.

    Auditing is a specialized domain that cannot be handled by an employee of the business. While running a major business, it becomes almost impossible to examine the books of the business. This is because internal audit requires special knowledge to check whether or not all the aspects are at par with the international standards and regulations.

    Therefore, it is important that a business relies on a firm that doesn’t only possess vast experience but also delivers dependable services. Our firm takes pride in its CAs who are committed to serving the demands of the clients. Besides holding specialization in this domain, our experts have complete knowledge about the market and the industry. Thus, they ensure that your books meet all regulations.

    We cover several acts in our services, and auditing is one of the most prominent ones amongst them. The experts at Repath Solutions are furnished with all the regulations and guidelines. This helps them in determining the conformation of the books with the tax laws and other provisions seamlessly.

    Our services are not only of top-quality, but they are also prompt. We aim to render solutions without any undue delay. Besides understanding the value of time, we respect the finances of our clients and hence, offer services at affordable rates.

    It is imperative for a firm to comply with all the legal regulations that apply to its operation. Failure to do so can hamper the growth or even the working of a business. Statutory auditing is a vital process of ensuring that there are no discrepancies that can land a firm in dispute. It is essential to ensure that all the legal standards are met by the books of the firm. Thus, proper auditing with keen scrutiny becomes vital for the survival of the business.

    Since the procedure is quite notable, a firm should keep them at the forefront of its mind. These require the utmost knowledge and expertise. We, at Repath Solutions, ensure that the demands of our clients are duly fulfilled.

    Our firm consists of a team of chartered accountants and highly qualified legal experts who are equipped with the required knowledge and experience to ensure that all the services are consistent and reliable. Not only are they experts in the domain, but they also are familiar with all the regulations and standards prevailing in the industry.

    We ensure that all the accounts of your firm are in compliance with the existing laws and regulations. Any inconsistencies and defiance are duly removed in order to prevent the business from any future allegations. Complying with statutory regulations involves a lot of commitment and awareness. The same is exhibited by our professionals who are devoted to delivering satisfactory services.

    Thus, we keep the interests of our clients at the forefront of our minds and strive to offer impeccable services at reasonable costs. Our client-friendly motives aid us in delivering the right solutions to you.

    Ensuring compliance with all the statutory regulations is the primary concern of every business. Defiance, in this matter, can lead to severe legal actions and hampering of the business operation. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the statutory registration is handled effectively while conforming to all rules.

    Fulfillment of statutory regulations involves in-depth knowledge in the field of law as well as awareness of the market and industry conditions. Statutory registrations involve a number of formalities and overwhelming paperwork. STPI and SEZ are two of the most prominent ones amongst them.

    Conformity with these compliances provides several merits to the operations of the firm. In order to ensure that all these advantages can be availed, it is important to ensure that all the specified regulations are accorded with.

    This becomes hard to manage alongside focussing on the crux of the business. It is thus rational to seek legal guidance on this matter in order to confirm that the firm does not face any threat in the future. At the same time, it is required to ensure that the resources allocated to the process are not wasted.

    We consider it as our chief motive to serve our clients’ demands and to prevent them from facing any jeopardy in the future. Simultaneously, we also understand the significance of cooperation with the prevalent rules, regulations, and standards. Registrations involve several formalities; our experts ensure that you comply with all the requirements without any errors or flaws. The legal specialists also guide you through the entire legal process and what it entails. They provide you with the necessary guidelines to pursue the process.

    Our legal team is well-equipped with all the necessary skills and know-how. They possess years of in-depth experience in this domain and are thus, befittingly qualified to serve our clients. Our services can be accessed at nominal rates. We assure you to serve you with dexterity and excellence.

    ROC is important as well as a hectic process. Considering the significance of the procedure, any error or defiance can lead to several problems for the business. It is, thus, an obligation for the client to ensure that this step is carried out flawlessly.

    Furthermore, pursuing this process without being correctly guided can lead to several non-compliances. This delays the already extensive process even more. It is, thus, crucial that some legal advice is collected to handle the registrations and all the related issues. Also, non-cooperation with any of the quintessential regulations can cause trouble for the firm.

    In order to ensure that the right legal steps are taken, you need to ensure that the consultants are reliable and experienced. Repath Solutions takes care of the same. We take immense pride in our legal experts who are thorough with every step involved in the vital process. They make sure that you do not have to combat legal complications without any support. All the aspects involved in the ROC filing procedure are fulfilled to prevent legal issues in the future.

    Our up-to-date professionals use their expertise and knowledge to ensure that our clients are delivered satisfactory solutions. They pay attention to all the rules meticulously and guide you effectively through all the paperwork involved. We pay heed to your demands and deliver the most suitable results.

    Besides ensuring that the process is impeccably managed, our specialists provide the necessary solutions in time. Thus, we strive to assist you in achieving your demands without undue delays and that too at plausible rates.

    The process of registration is important, as well as an arduous one. Involving sundry formalities, this arena requires proper legal knowledge. If any discrepancy is incurred, the firm might face legal complications in the future. Here are a few fields covered in this arena by our professionals.


    1. Partnership Registration

    This registration process involves filling of several forms and completing several other formalities. Our legal professionals proficiently assist you in managing all these steps while ensuring efficiency and convenience to our clients.

    1. GST Registration

    Our team is well-versed with all the applicable regulations regarding GST registrations. It is ensured that your firm conforms to all the prevailing standards as we serve you in the process of GST registration.

    1. Labour Registrations

    Labour registration is a hectic process involving an array of documentation. Our legal experts take care of the requirements of the process and ensure that your business complies with all the standards.

    1. Trade Mark Registration

    It is quite difficult to manage registration procedures. Furthermore, any defiance can lead to serious complications. We ensure that inefficiencies in such processes are ruled out. Our professionals diligently walk you through the process and fulfill all the necessary formalities.

    1. IEC Registration

    IEC registrations require conformation to a plethora of standards and regulations. This assiduous task is capably handled by our competent legal experts, ensuring satisfactory service to our clients.

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      Repath Solutions LLP, is an excellent accounting firm to work with. They provide great service to clients and are very professional. We utilize their primary accounting, payroll and taxation services. They are very timely, detailed and efficient.
      Manjunath N
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      The services of Repath Solutions LLP are best for all the start-ups. They provide complete assistance to set-up the business. They ensure to complete all the statutory compliances on time. They always listen to what your needs are and make solid recommendations or give you a great resource.
      Suresh Muniraj
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      My journey with Repath Solutions LLP, began because I needed some basic assistance on accounts and taxation, but it quickly expanded and has now grow into something so valuable that I wouldn’t make a move without them. The dedicated people at Repath Solutions works for my company on priority and they provide HR and payroll services at best which suits to my travel business.
      Vinayak Nadiger
      CEO, Nadiger Cabs
      When I was planning to expand my advertising career, the first thing came in my mind was to get a reliable accounting solution. I contacted the Repath Solutions LLP referred by my colleague, in Bengaluru. Now, I am really satisfied with their services towards accounting and taxation especially their timely advice for my tax planning. The people there in the firm are so humble, that made me to get the requisites done on time and that is very reasonable too.
      Santosh Kumar Upadhyaya
      Voice over artist, Translator and Sound Engineer
      One stop solution for all the start up from the incorporations or registrations to till the auditing and more. Repath Solutions LLP has been professional enough and supportive for a smooth conduction of my business.
      Shobhan Cherian John
      Mavenrich Business Consultant
      Repath Solutions LLP is an emerging enterprise which guarantees excellent services. They are fast, efficient and up to date in their methods and tax advisory and ensures quality rendering services.
      Tushara Vincent
      MindT Impex