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Our financial experts look after GST and income tax filing and deliver to you the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions.

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    The process of GST compliance is a complicated but essential one. On the other hand, income tax filing is a vital part of every business operation. This ensures that the client is only paying the appropriate amount of tax and that all the related regulations regarding taxation are being met.

    Fathoming the significance of GST and income tax filing, it becomes understandable that these procedures require experts’ guidance and management. It is not pragmatic for a business employee to handle these formalities. It is also not feasible for the clients to take care of these themselves as the time and effort involved in the same are difficult to be spared.

    Thus, it is required that a specialist looks into the matter and guides the client through the right management of these essential steps. Our firm consists of legal and financial experts who are thorough with all the laws and regulations. They look into matters such as GST filing and ensure that all the related paperwork and formalities are taken care of seamlessly. Being vastly experienced, our professionals provide you with the best solutions which let you complete the process without any hassles.

    Our financial experts look after income tax filing and deliver to you the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions. Besides assisting you with financial advice, the professionals keep your business aloof from any undesirable accusations.

    We realize the importance of both these aspects and, thus, put in our best effort to extend them with desirable solutions without any delay.


    1. GST Registration
    2. GST filings
    3. GST Audit
    4. GST Refund claim
    5. GST Assessments
    6. E-way bill services

    Income Tax

    1. PAN and TAN
    2. Income Tax filings
    3. Tax Audit Support
    4. Tax assessments
    5. Form 15CA

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      Repath Solutions LLP, is an excellent accounting firm to work with. They provide great service to clients and are very professional. We utilize their primary accounting, payroll and taxation services. They are very timely, detailed and efficient.
      Manjunath N
      Partner, Icon Industries
      The services of Repath Solutions LLP are best for all the start-ups. They provide complete assistance to set-up the business. They ensure to complete all the statutory compliances on time. They always listen to what your needs are and make solid recommendations or give you a great resource.
      Suresh Muniraj
      Director ,Aadhi Tech HVAC Systems Pvt Ltd
      My journey with Repath Solutions LLP, began because I needed some basic assistance on accounts and taxation, but it quickly expanded and has now grow into something so valuable that I wouldn’t make a move without them. The dedicated people at Repath Solutions works for my company on priority and they provide HR and payroll services at best which suits to my travel business.
      Vinayak Nadiger
      CEO, Nadiger Cabs
      When I was planning to expand my advertising career, the first thing came in my mind was to get a reliable accounting solution. I contacted the Repath Solutions LLP referred by my colleague, in Bengaluru. Now, I am really satisfied with their services towards accounting and taxation especially their timely advice for my tax planning. The people there in the firm are so humble, that made me to get the requisites done on time and that is very reasonable too.
      Santosh Kumar Upadhyaya
      Voice over artist, Translator and Sound Engineer
      One stop solution for all the start up from the incorporations or registrations to till the auditing and more. Repath Solutions LLP has been professional enough and supportive for a smooth conduction of my business.
      Shobhan Cherian John
      Mavenrich Business Consultant
      Repath Solutions LLP is an emerging enterprise which guarantees excellent services. They are fast, efficient and up to date in their methods and tax advisory and ensures quality rendering services.
      Tushara Vincent
      MindT Impex